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Toxic relationship

I m In that situation where I don't know what is wrong what is right.

In my neighboure there was a boy he came in my life saying tht he loves me alot.

But after 17 months when I moved to other place for my studies he started ignoring me slowly slowly and finally he left that place because he was doing job.n than he finally told me that we both doesn't have any future.but I love you.sometime he is telling he don't trust me.madly m messageing him n he alwys ignores me.In after 2,3 week he is messaging me alwys with shayeri his shayeri meaning is alwys like he loves me alot but situation is not good.wtf is this either he love me r no I me literally in a worst condition where I don't know.i tried to move on but my heart alwys he love me but his behaviour shows he doesn't even care about me I don't know what to understand