toxic brother


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First off I have a very very toxic brother and my parents don't know that.. they do him favorite becuase he is the only guy and also he is the eldest among us. He loves picking on others businesses.. Many a times he did that to me because I was the middle one... Today while praying together he started off without me so I felt a bit weird but after the prayer ended I finished before him and now he gets all mad tell me what is my problem... He even raises his hands on me which my parents know nothing of... Even if I told them they won't really believe me becuase my brother is really good at lying and also they would excuse him saying he is an elder brother and he should correct us... And also one thing about him is very scary and he is really pervy towards me and my younger sister... He is just DISGUISTING... Idk how many sides does he have but none of them are pretty... It's almost impossible to find out the difference between the way he acts near my parents and near me.. he is also a racist and doesn't support lgbt community... He also shames me infront of my whole school telling some private things about me... Sometimes I wish I was adopted instead.