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Hi Person,

you know i find it so fu*cking dumb the stupid double standards that I have. Like if someone want to try out a name or pronoun with me just to try it out and they change their mind later I would be 100% supporteive. But for me no, I can’t ask to try out the name “Logan” with my friends or family no cuz what if I change my mind. And it’s such a dumb thing. I don’t know my gender and that pisses me off. Like come on can’t I just know. I’m so afraid of telling people to try things and then change my mind. I have so much anxiety and dysphoria that I am in constant mental anguish. And yet what if I’m cis, like is the costant want to get rid of my tits not enough is cringing at my own full name and the use of female descriptors not enough. I’m just annoyed with myself. I accept others so why can’t I accept myself.