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i’m trans (ftm) and no one knows. i’ve known something was wrong my whole life, but i only discovered this a few years ago. i’ve been living in denial because i’m so terrified of what the people around me will say and do if they knew. i just.. wish i could live as myself, but i’m too scared to tell anyone. i already have short hair and wear boy clothes. most people look at me and assume i’m a guy, but my family and people close to me just think i’m a butch lesbian. every day i fall deeper and deeper into self hatred and sorrow. i feel as though i’ll never be able to live as myself.

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Re: transgender

Hello! I honestly believe that if your family is okay with you being a butch lesbian they would be okay with you as a trans, but I don’t know your family so I have no right to assume

I think you should give hints, ask them questions like “Are you okay with trans people?” Or “What would you do if your kid was trans?” You could also leave shuttle hints like trans colors / small flag on your wall or talk more about trans people in your conversations with your family.

if they seem to be okay with it, I think it is okay to come out to them. If I am to late and you are already out or something... Oops

I´m sorry you´re going through this. I wish I had the answer for you to stop feeling that amount of fear. I just wanted to write to tell you that, wherever you are, I am sending you love and light and that I accept you. It is absolutely normal to feel scared as to how people will react. I wish that you find yourself on a safe space in which you feel comfortable to be who you really are among the people you love and know. Sometimes, being who we are is an act of rebelliousness, but mainly an act of self-love. Maybe you could go slowly, tell just one person that you know is most likely to hear you out, see how she/him/they react and how you feel about it.

Wish you the best

Don’t hurt yourself mentally and emotionally for others. It might suck feeling like your not accepted by family and there’s a fear in rejection, but the other person who replied is right that if they already accept and assume you as a bitch lesbian. You have higher chances of them getting over them selves and accepting you as for you my dude. “ Either get with the program or grab the control and change the f**king channel.) so you can accept things as they are or take responsibility for yourself and initiate the change you want.