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Im 20, still live with my mom..which for me isnt that old to still live with your parents. Well ive always had it was an alcoholic and liked to remind me how worthless I was and how fat I was, years of mental abuses still haunting me, I thought that when my parents would get a divorce everything would be perfect after. Boys was I wrong, the first year everything was great but when we moved back into our old house everything is back to shit..I know I dont give my place, I know I shouldn’t be arguing with my bf but my mom always getting involved and make it worst. Throwing me out of the house and everything, I got no one else and she definitely knows it. The way she treats me is ridiculous, I know its HER GODDAMN HOUSE but damn im like a slave doing the laundry for everyone every, cleaning, washing dishes, taking cares of the name it I do everything but its never enough, im tired of loosing..

I know I should get a job but my anxiety Is so high that I have difficulties leaving the house and she doesn’t understand at all, im done tbh. Im always crying for that bitch never happy about anything I do,

please lord hear me now and help me

-your child

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