Trapped Within

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How do I even begin? I’m so lost in this life in this marriage. I have no say over anything . I can’t do what I want when I want. I’m emotionally , mentally and physically abused day in and day out. I’m told I don’t deserve respect . I’m to cook, clean , raise kids alone and do as I’m told. I used to be the woman with no filter the woman that no one could control. When did all that change ? When did I become the wife, the mother , the “yes sir” type of woman. I love my kids so damn much it hurts when I think about ripping them away from their father . How do I make this decision? They say do what’s best for the kids but why can’t I do that ? What’s best is to end the marriage and leave separate lives but I can’t manage to make it happen. When will it be enough . When will I finally get sick of it and leave.