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Trash Can Pickles

One of my roommates keeps blaming me for eating food. She punched out her boss. She keeps asking a roommate to buy her & her son food like $25 pizzas.

We live on a mountain. Heavy rain is coming. Our place flooded last time. I’m extremely disabled.

So yesterday me & the two oldest roommates got out & dug a drain trench; cut stuff down, moved stuff. I can barely move & am throwing up today.

As we did all that her & her son were playing video games. We came in to dirty dishes; a clogged poop toilet; their dirty clothes on the floor; & their pets everywhere.

They wake me up endlessly. Loud rap. Loud video games. Cooking. Laughing by my door.

I sleep in a storage room on a cot. My room has no vent for air. Gets so hot at night I sleep nude cause have a disease. Otherwise I can pass out & die from my disease.

She will walk in & turn on light at all hours to get clothes out of dressers & closet. Other younger female mom does too. Granted; they will stroll around nude in front of me; & look very good; but I’d like some privacy.

Well yesterday one roommate bought them a pizza. Yet she took her son & they got take out from 3 places. Got their hair done. Bought expensive hair care products. While we were out shoveling in heat to avoid flood.

Everyone in house except me eats each other’s food & lies about it. I can’t due to health. So last night I see her eat rest of pizza. Later as I goto bathroom he’s complaining someone ate rest of pizza. She tells him I did it. She’s sweet but she blames me a lot.

She got mad at me & called me out for eating their food in front of everyone. OK. I have 7 degrees & used to teach physics. I’m going to stop helping him. Tell her I’m too tired just like she told us they were too tired to help shovel. They had worn selves out playing video games all night. Yet they drove off to have a good time. Well; she can use her 10th grade education to help him.

I just got tickled. I’d bought a bunch of jars of pickles. She loves them. I drained the juice. Lined up the empty jars on

the counter. And left pile of pickles on top of trash. I just heard her in there freaking out. Who threw away all of the pickles. Oh yes. Life is good.