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Trauma bond?

I dated him for a while, we had a fight and sort of fell apart, in the process of trying to reconcile us, he ghosted me for months. I struggled to get over him ,worst of all I had to see him daily but was snobbed whenever I tried to talk to him. A after a few years was able to say that I've moved on, got into another stable relationship and everything was quite okay. He contacted me via a friend and we started talking casually, then went into getting closure and from there it has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I feel like I'm obsessed with him yet he is always in and out of my life. When I feel so close to him he pushes me away and stops talking to me... Then when I heal, he comes back and says sorry for all he did and asks for a chance to be in my life again. I feel confused and just don't know how to deal with it. Right now I feel like I really miss him but it's one of those seasons he is pushing me away