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Treasure map

Just something I want to share.

All my life, I’ve been drawing a map. Ever since I know how to hold a pen, I’ve created my own map. It may not be perfect, but it's something.

As years passed and as I grew older, the map has changed. From a few straight lines to hundreds of different paths. I get confused and terrified. So I put down the pen as I don’t know which path will lead me to my dream.

More years passed, and now I have forgotten how to draw. I’m looking at the map, but nothing I can add to it. I guess I’m lost.

And now here you are, telling me that there will always going to be a way. The book still has many empty pages. DRAW A NEW MAP. Just like when you were little, the map may not be perfect, but it is something. It is the map of your life, it is how you want it to be. Its your treasure map.