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Trevor Lawrence

Great QB. Best I’ve seen in last 2-3 yrs. His mobility is limited; but Tom Brady showed that can work well.

Precise. Quick release. Good decisions. Granted; his team is head & shoulders above rest of ACC. So other than Notre Dame, we won’t know how good they are till the playoffs. Kind of like Oklahoma & Nebraska back in the Stone Age when I was much younger. I was last young when Noah built the ark.

I’m waiting to see Ohio State & that small sample size. But so far I see no one close to Clemson this year. We would have to reassemble LSU from last yr.

Clemson has the second best HC. Most experienced consistent staff. Schedule full of outclassed teams. I see no weaknesses.

But why did the the camera operator zoom in on Trevor Lawrence picking his nose? Why didn’t they cut away? Five mins of watching him dig up his nose on both sides with both his thumb & pointer finger was a bit much. At least he wasn’t eating them. Hey; people pick the nose, but why zoom the camera in on it? At least the kids who get in trouble for that can say hey; at least I’m not picking both sides at once like Trevor. If TL had just scratched his butt & let out a shart as he did it we would have had TV gold.

I know kids; you don’t like watching football, but it’s better than you setting around thinking of ways to kill yourself. It’s not like you were the one on national TV picking your nose on both sides for 5 mins.