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trigger warning - suicide


I wanna fucking die like so fucking much. I grew up with anger issues so that doesn’t help but I don’t wanna live anymore. I saw a tiktok and it was like “stay for your parents and your sister” but right now in the heat of the moment it sounds like complete bullshit. I wanna kill myself like I really really do I don’t wanna fucking live every small thing is pissing me the fuck off. I even had a good lesson at school but no. My life had to be fucking ruined. I wanna hurt myself but it would be visible. I don’t wanna be angry and suicidal but I can’t help it. I’m not telling my friends or parents about this because they don’t need to know I’m suicidal and I’m not gonna tell them. I literally think I need help. God sometimes I wish I could die. I don’t wanna live this world is a hell hole I hope I die in my sleep.