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Tripping over anxiety

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I just feel like, whenever i vent on websites or blogs, i have this hot temperature feeling in ny body after whatever i write is not answered within 5 hours or less. I have done this on a astrology website since im into astrology and that i vented out stuff about my mental health disorders, my family life, etc and someone who wrote to me before i took upon that saying dont explain much as you'll become exposed. I was scared so i asked the admin to delete it and sure enough it was. It may had responses but i didn't see them as i wrote it before i went to bed the other day and woke up knowing i should learn my lesson and here i am again. I'm that girl who has complained about being in mid 20s while her mother and her bicker constantly. I just feel like im too old to be venting when i know better and having emotional problems is worse. I second guess and ask for deletions because it has happened to people in real life for example a r&b singer i know has been dragged for racism in the past from twitter. Whatever is put online will come back to haunt. That is why i try to get it out and delete if nobody cares. I ran out of a system of people to vent shit like that to, and i have been venting embarrassingly for years but to where as it can be deleted. Im just tired of running where yeah i may complain like a 5 year old when a negative event/(s) happen on the same day and or constantly. Its just stupid if there's things like these and when it sounds whining like its like whoa, just learn your damn lesson. Ive tried Vent an app that is almost like this and same thing but except there are judgers and people who will shit on others. Ive complained about stuff and nobody has listened i left a post up for one day to realize what the hell.. i feel like im mentally fucked up because im so called so overly sensitive and its always have been a problem in my family and towards other people.... therapy is a temporary outlet but that does not work as i feel like complaining about whining this and that will get me nowhere. I just have this pain in my chest because i feel like yes i am too damn old. TOO DAMN OLD. but i just hate how i fall into shit without knowing, nobody's going to care, this generation emotionally unavailable.