True Happiness?

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I don't care about money i don't want wealth nor fame i don't want any of that i don't care about love or what we call true love i just want one thing i want is Contentment? satisfaction? i want to not worry i want to accept what i have i don't want to keep worrying about everything i don't want to be afraid i just want to accept what i have that's all i want I'm tired of worrying I'm tired of being nerves I'm tired of grinding my teeth without realize it I'm tired of having all these thoughts eating my time while I'm spacing out thinking about how to fix or manage everything there is always not enough time to finish anything and tomorrow is always not enough i want to sleep one night without playing something in the background in order to block my thoughts I'm so tired I'm always worried about tomorrow I'm always waiting for the next problem to happen to start fixing it, i just want to have a clear mind for once without that thing in the back of my head lurking waiting for me to fight it i want to sleep please i want to sleep that would be my true happiness to have a clear mind without all the worries yet it seem to be almost impossible even compare to achieving wealth.

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