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Let me either please people or piss people off. I like Trump being president and I hope he gets to be president again. If you don't like me speaking my mind, then fuck off because I honestly don't care. He's doing a better job than Obama did that's for damn sure. I bet that just pissed a lot of you off. Oh well. And before you all start bitching about race, it's not about that. It's my opinion that I like Trump, just like it's your opinion if you don't like Trump. Obama was president for eight long miserable years and did nothing but go on vacation. Trump has done more in just a few years. Now go ahead and get mad and leave rude comments that I will only be laughing at. Really, go on. I'll wait. 🖕

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Oh helllll no. He’s islamaphobic he’s racist and he said he would date his own daughter if she wasn’t his daughter. He raped girls. He’s a disgrace. He send the National guard to tear gas peaceful protestors and that includes children. There’s pics of him with underaged girls on his lap. Fuck you

I’m from another country and am genuinely intrigued by people who vote for Trump, I don’t mean that in a rude way too. Just from my view I can’t understand it but also my understanding of American politics isn’t very high. Could you give more examples of how he is so great and what exactly he has done?

You mentioned Obama and I know he created Obamacare and to me this seemed like a really good thing, could you explain what he did wrong? (Again this is curiosity because I REALLY don’t know American politics 🤣 I only know bits)