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Trump signs. Biden signs.

My old neighborhood when I had a home. Drove by. There was this mean woman. Big family. Nice stuff. Never know. But the one time I did the cookie sale for our Church. I went up & explained my sons autistic. Said you don’t have to buy any cookies. Can he practice.

She yells at me. Doesn’t like the riff raff coming in her neighborhood. Tells me off. Demands to know where I live. I say I live in the house across the street right in front of you. I’m the man who helped you when your car broke down in the road last year. My children are wearing Church shirts as you can see. We have the same Church sticker on our van as you. I’ve greeted you at Church. I’m the guy who buys stuff from your daughter every year when she fundraisers for school even though my kids goto the same school. She just stared at me & slammed the door. What a di&k. But I let it go. We never ever ever never went near her house again.

So then I looked to her left. The very sweet kind woman had a Biden sign right by hers.

I said hold on. At the end of the street is a man that almost got jacked up. When we went down the street to sell to a house this POS ran out of his house. Why are we on his street. He starts threatening my kids who are in elementary school. One in middle. I’m standing back watching. Only my autistic went to the door in his Church shirt. The little one are waiting by the mailbox. He didn’t see me.

He’s saying it’s his street. Yada yada. Well next thing he knows I’m in his face. Inform him I live about 8 houses down. They are selling cookies to raise money for the Church to help poor kids. If he doesn’t like it that’s fine; but it’s our street too. Get the F in his house before I kick his a$$ for threatening my kids. I’ll call the cops he threatens. I’ll call them for you. I have relatives on the force. Would you like to talk to one of them or a random cop? Because I’m sure fixing to tell them about you. He ran off. SOB.

So I drove down there. Trump signs everywhere. Now I’m not blaming Trump. I’ve not A holes with Obama stickers. But why do all the really nasty people put about 20 signs in their yard? It’s like they are saying stay the F away, I’m crazy.

Vote as you wish. I don’t care. We’re free. But it occurred to me the mean people can’t just put up one sign. They have to put up 20. Hey. I can read the one. But it’s fine. I don’t care. But don’t yell at my kid unless you wanna be yelled at.