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Truth comes out when you’re 18

TW - sexual assault

I am 18 years old, new to “aldulthood”. I don’t know if this is the same with everyone but apparently turning 18 is seen as a free pass for a lot of things.

firstly people just think that you want sex off everyone, I don’t. In fact my verginity was fucking stolen. How is that fair?

secondly, my messed up family thinks that I am now old enough to hear all the horrible things that they have all done. My grandfather sexually assaulting my sister, all of them do coke. My mum being a prostitute and also the fact that my other grandad is a cheating cunt, who treats my nan like shit.

But just because I and the only one who thinks this is fucking disgusting and speaks up, I get beat the fuck out of, thrown out.

I would never kill myself but if I was going to, right now seems like a good time to. I could never leave my younger sister behind. She is my life.

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Re: Truth comes out when you’re 18

thank you for not leaving this world. suicide does not end everything bad in your life, suicide elimanates all the chances of life ever getting better.

Hey it seems like you have a lot to deal with. I was sexually assaulted when I was 17. It was an awful time for me as well, but what helped me was confessing what happened to close friends and people I could trust. It seems like your family won't be supportive and help you through it, but I can assure you that with time, it will get easier. I also attended therapy for my situation, but it didn't help as much as I expected. One thing you have to come to terms with is that you are not at fault for anything that happened without your consent, and if your family does not support you through this, it is important to connect with people who can.

At every path life gives you a lesson and i think you have to prepared for that. Life is not easy okay But you can make it see born or die not in our hands but how to live our life this is in our hands. Just find some positive things at every place. Make your life big not long live your everyday just like its your last day on earth and be happy and makes people happy. Their are lots of cruel people on earth but dont be like them make your own identity and show to the world who are you!!

It takes one person to end the cycle, you have made the right decision not to be like them. I agree with you, ending your life is not worth it. live rightiously trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ and surrender your life to Him. choose to follow Him and Know Him through reading the Bible. you will get to learn a lot and find peace that surpasses all understanding.

Honestly I wamna start of by saying how strong you must be. I mean firstly being brought up in a home where those kind of things are deemed as acceptable, you are an incredible person for being able to know or realise that all that stuff they are doing is so wrong on so many levels.and secondly I'm so proud that you have been able to stand up to them and point out it is wrong. You are an amazing person. I know things may be tough but you've gotten through such difficulties. Give yourself some credit. I hope all goes well for you and your sister. Best of luck in life. If you need to talk reply to this, stay strong. 💖

I know its hard for you and your sister dear, I have never experienced such a thing, so I don't know about it but I am sure it must be awful for anyone. In such a hard time, just believe in god that he will make it right. We often think of committing a suicide to get rid of life's problems but do not think that what would happen to the ones we love after we leave this world. So, be brave and do not think that Oh he is my grandpa. I can't complain about him to the police blah blah blah.... crime is crime, be it you own blood relation person. So report it straight away without any fear. And support your sister at every step of her life as right now she is very fragile due to the sexual assault.

Honestly , you sound strong, you know what and how your family is

Your time is not now , but it will be soon eventually may be

Just be hopeful to find the right person be a partner or friends to walk in to your life , who will stay and understand you

Sucide is not and never the solution to solve problems of the world.

You are brave to be able to share this.

Also please , please help me https://vigyaa.io/i-miss-my-mom-and-feel-im-responsible-for-her-death-am-i-please-need-your-help-to-understand-a1ca37e8/ here is my story

Thanks to all the readers for your time

Holy fuck, your family is shit. Get your grandfather out please, get your sister therapy, your mom as a prostitute is probably fine, as long as she's not being a dick, and PLEASE get that coke out. Drugs are bad. You can call authorities if your virginity was stolen from you, meaning you were raped. Please, get help.

Usually when a victim speaks up, we get labeled the black sheep and everyone turns agaisnt us.

I felt like I woke up to the abuse at 18, I didnt see the awful abuse or how abnormal my life was until I hit 28. I was abused in every way my "dad" was the devil, he'd come in my room and hurt me at night, my "mom" would strangle me, beat me, anything and everything. It's been a year since I cut out my toxic "parents". I dont have parents anymore, I've never needed them and now I'm able to grieve the loss of my family. I left them behind or I'd have finally followed through with killing myself. After a year of being free and away from that shit show and those monsters, I feel free and am starting to find myself. You can do the same, you dont need them fuckers who hurt you.

You dont need them, if they hurt you, they aren't family. Blood means fuck all when all they do is rape and abuse you. Leave them if you can.

And what I've learned over the years, is I couldnt understand why I loved them so much, why I wanted their love and affection so bad, what I've learned is dont feel guilty for still loving your abusers. Even though theres ALOT of shitty times, there were some good times, there were times when you saw the goodness in them. You hold on to hope, hope that they will change, hope that they will love you.

Dont let them fuckers bring you down, leave them and build an amazing life before they can do anymore damage.