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Truth Serum

Im tired of the news and all of this Covid shyt. Im tired of racism, tired of men in good ole boy trucks driving fast with the same boring hairstyles lol and getting ever so slightly near my car when passing by....if you hit me Im suing and yes we know you do that mess on purpose. Im tired of running around all day and that shyt being normalized. As if sitting tf down to relax is a crime, I guess normal is taking anxiety meds and only resting when you sleep and being in a hurry and normalizing being a grouch to ppl like me that you call to do business with....spare me. Im tired of worrying about my kids catching Covid at school. Honestly most people werent cleaning up right before Covid. Houses filthy, mamas too busy on Fb and Insta to clean and wash clothes and my children have to mingle with that. Im tired of men thinking they are worthy of sex when most of them have STDs and screwing any woman that offers a piece of stanky tale. And yes I said stanky because being a woman and using the bathroom behind some of yall I dont know how these men endure your legs wide open. No joke. Im tired of social media and people trying to keep up with ppls business because they hate thier lives. Yep. They want to hear bad news. Even family smxs. Whew this felt good. If u feel the same ur nt alone. All this shyt listed above is crazy.

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Re: Truth Serum

I’m tired of society too however we need the craziness to not go crazy. I don’t know maybe I’m the only one that thinks this way but if there was no society life will be more chaotic. So All we can do is give a f and keep going looking out for yourself and family. Just remember things will change maybe not this year but they won’t stay this way forever.

I’m tired of ass holes who won’t wear a damn mask & stay 6 feet back. Some fuck tried to cut in front of me after I stood in line. Didn’t happen.

But don’t be like me. I’m built like a super hero & full of shit. If you encounter dicks in stores just step back & let them have their way. Ass clowns in giant trucks. Move over. Let them go.

And yes they do side draft you. Wanna hear something funny. I used to race cars a little. Little drag racing too. So I can handle a car fairly well. Once some dick in a giant truck was messing with me in my little economy vehicle when I left the park with my kids. I ignored him. We get at a red light. He gets out all mad. I made him slow down I smiled and said sir you were doing 70 in a 25 over a blind bill. We parents are leaving a little league game.

He gets mad. Jumps out of his giant truck wanting to fight. I’ve got a car full of kids. I jump out & jerk off my shirt. He’s like 120 lbs. I’m a 285 lb body building martial artist. He goes pale. Apologizes. Climbs up in his big truck.

It’s amazing whenever I drove my giant 4 wheel drive no one mess with me. Needed it for farm. In my hot rod I customized my self rarely any crap. Get in my go cart I mostly drive to help save the environment & here come ass holes cutting me off; tail gating, & flipping me the bird.