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(No offense to anyone)

Let me say this, school is my top struggle besides dealing with my other problems...I'll do anything to get straight A's even if I have to cheat...i know that doesn't make me a good person but I'm scared of what my parents( mostly dad) would do if my grades dropped....When I was younger, like around 7-8 years old my dad would be too rough on me,his punishments were too drastic. I remember not being able to spin one of those toy tops and he got so mad, he sent me to bed early. Another day, he took away my Tv privilage's for six monthes..( it still pisses me off today how he took advantage of weak little girl.) that I'm fourteen and going through virtual school, I am finding mixed emotions that were stronger then grades are okay, could be better. To be Honest, I am kinda slouching off by going on snapchat and discord when Doing work. I do look my answers up online or ask friends...I do use my caculator when not allowed but like I said I'll do anything to make my parents proud.....It's ruining a lot, and now I feel so fucking bad for writting this paragraph about me when people are going through other worse horrible shit then me...........the main stupid reason I came here was I am freaking out over a fucking science powerpoint project that is so exhausting....But in the end, its my fault, I put this on myself.