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Trying something new

Well I'm male 19 soon to be 20 I've always felt I was a bit bisexual today I'm gonna try anal masturbating for the first time I have all I need any tips? Like should I be fast slow think about anything specific? Thank you in advance for your help

I don't know what else is saying I need to put more words in I guess to this thing will let me post it

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Re: Trying something new

Hey! that's great,

I was a bit scared when I first started, I'm also a male btw.

I would recommend you to start slow, using one finger, and a lot of saliva, or lube if you have any (NOT hand cream or something like that, please). When you feel relaxed enough and that you can go for it, use another finger, it doesn't have to be the first time, take all the times you need until you feel comfortable (unless, of course, you don't want, or didn't like it, not everyone is into it :))

The most important is to have fun and know even more your own body, I hope it turns out alright.