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Trying to forget

When I was around the age of 8 my mother had left, this was one thing that has affected me and something I need to let go. I remember it was at least 11 at night and my mother had came into my room and said "I love u I'm going to the store for some cigarettes" I was confused and asked if I could go she said no u stay here this time and go to bed.i had this strange feeling she wasn't coming back.i eventually fell asleep and when I woke up she still hasn't came back.I tried trusting her but that's when I started losing trust for others.I remember she was gone for two weeks and during those two weeks my dad was verbally abusive to me and my little bro when he got drunk and physically abusive to my oldest.i had gotten off of school one day and when I got home I told my dad I'm going to my friend's he said "no ur not" so when he wasn't looking I hopped on my bike and got down the driveway until I saw him chasing after me he grabbed the bike and said "Get ur ass I'm the house little bitch" and I cried the whole way shaking cuz I was scared.i hid in the bathroom and cried me and him didn't talk that night.their was one night I was taking a bath thinking of how much I missed my mom, cuz she wasn't seen as a horrible person in my eyes then, and so I'm sitting in the tub crying and I start to pray that's when I actually believed in God, and when I finish praying I hear a knock on the door and my mom comes in with shampoo and conditioner, I just stared at her in shock, after I got out of the tub I walked into the living room and seen groceries.i knew since she was gone for so long my father may abuse her again so I asked him is he mad and he said "hm no" I was relieved but little did I know he was raging I didn't know why my mom left but now that I'm older I know it was for drugs. Thank u for reading. I am in a safe place now and don't live with my parents anymore.