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When I was 11 (well i still am 11) I went on omegle text and met this boy. He first started asking me "Are you sad?" I said no and he said "I am". I asked why he was sad (witch was probably my worst mistake) And the boy started telling me all his problems and i mean from his family problems to him HARMING himself.

He told me when he cut himself and how. I was trying my best to comfort him over text. He told me that his mom doesn't care about him and I felt REALLY bad. I do remember him saying that he broke his mirror and his mom was going to yell at him. I asked him "What did you do?" And then he said "What do you think i did" (like i'm trying to help you right here. Stop with the attitude) so yeah he cut himself with his broken mirror.

I did end up telling him my age and he told me he was 12-14 (i dont remember) After a while I left the omegle chat. I felt really bad and disgusted in myself because i left him alone. Anyways I was never the same and I haven't told anyone except for an anonymous account on tiktok and here.

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I might know who you're talking about, either that or it's just an eerily similar situation. It sounds like this happened within the year (seeing as you're the same age) and they are older than 14 but they could've given a fake age for anonymity. If this does happen to be the same person, I can confirm that they are alive but unfortunately not completely well.