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Tbh i just feel lime theres no point in life i just wish i was dead no obe knows how i feel i feel trapped i dont tell anyone cause i dont really express my feelings i just wish i was dead so it isnt ans painfull i. Allwayd have suisidal thoughts and its like they never leave my head there just there i have self har*** before but its like i cant stop i cry myself to sleep and cry all day in school i just dont know why and how to cope😕

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Same here. It’s weird how even if you are suicidal yourself, you will do all you can to keep another alive. That’s why I’m going to beg you now not to kill yourself and try to get help. Please. Sorry. This is probably just irritating you. Hope things get better for you.

As a 15 year old who has suffered with depression,suicide attempts and self harm.I understand roughly what you are feeling.I’m not gonna say what your going through because I don’t know what your going through at the moment.People constantly tell me that suicide isn’t the option.And in the long run no it’s not but we all know that.Telling a suicidal person to not kill themselves is like telling an obese person to lost weight.It isn’t going to happen over night.We have to put every inch of our body to not cave into our own thoughts and end it all.that’s why I’m not gonna sit here and right please don’t end your life.I should be but i know that won’t have any sort of impact.I hope you do get the help that you need and have a beautiful future.