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hey:( so i wanted to talk about this because this has been on my mind of course lol. Because theres always something lol.

So yesterday was the two year mark of my sexual assault of when my uncle tied, drugged, and raped me. Everyone that I know that knows about this calls it the, "incident" I think they are just trying to not hurt my feelings by saying i was raped lol. And thats okay of course I understand. I just wish that they would just call it as it called.

It was hard, I have a trial coming up for this and its hard because i have a very big secret about all of this.

And I want to say it but im scared๐Ÿ˜– Im scared because its been a weight on my shoulders and I dont want to be judged by anyone. Its hard knowing that there might be people who tells me im a digusting whore:((

It frightens me very badly. I feel like I need to because it will be nice to tell someone but im scared:( very very scared


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