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TW: I think eating disorder

Sometimes, I throw away the food I’ve been given to eat. Ik it’s bad, there’s so many ppl who aren’t lucky enough to have even a grain of rice on their plate, but I just can’t do it. Sometimes I’ll go two days without eating a proper meal with the occasional snack in between, but now it’s become a weekly occurrence. I don’t like it and I don’t want to live like this. Every time I talk to my parents abt it, they shove more food down my throat and so I learnt to keep my mouth shut. Today, my parents saw a piece of bread that I had thrown out but they don’t know if it was me or my siblings. I don’t want to be found out in case of me getting in trouble again, but I also don’t want to keep lying. I’m supposed to be the strong one, the one who can support others without any regard of my health or ‘needs’. I just, I don’t enjoy it. But I can’t do anything. So now I’m stuck.

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Re: TW: I think eating disorder

What you should do is try to think about how much food your comfortable eating and only eat that much. Then if your parents say anything tell them. This is what I'm comfortable eating. Once you decide how much your comfortable eating try to eat that amount every day. Good luck I hope this helped