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⚠️TW⚠️ (R*pe)

I have this group chat with some friends where we normally just make a ton of jokes and such and it's all funny haha but lately I assume from quarantine, we've all gotten fiestier and we keep getting into stupid cat fights about random shit. One of my friends in particular enjoys talking about her r*pe and how she's not a virgin like the rest of us and how she did drugs and went to a mental institute and shit, and it makes me hella uncomfortable. I was already stressed out from the shit school system quarentine has made, and seeing her bash one of the people who rarely talk in that chat just set me off today and I told her exactly what had been on my mind since she had joined the chat. It was obviously stupid of me for letting me emotions get the best of me, and I honestly know that I was a bitch for how I called her out for making me uncomfortable. She escalated it and started insulting me, which only fueled the flame. It ended with me kicking her out of the gc for a minute where I just didn't know how else to react in the heat of the moment. All of my friends started backing her up and telling me that my information was wrong, that I was the only one uncomfortable with her jokes, and that I should just leave if I didn't want to see them. So now they've made a new gc where they'll talk instead because I'm too "immature" for that content. I just feel like because I voiced my opinion, I'm automatically the bad guy and there's no in between. I have no one else to do to besides those guys, and I just feel stuck. I love my friends, but I don't want to be part of a chat that's entirely r*pe and drug jokes, since it's just a touchy subject. And before anyone else comes at me for being a bitch, ik, I was very bitchy in this, it's just not my day.

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Re: ⚠️TW⚠️ (R*pe)

Honestly, your friend should know better. Talk about, idk halloween or some shit, why drugs and sex? Anyway i think you did the right thing, but if you'd like, you can apologize to your friends for making the chat a little problematic there. but that's ok, everyone has bad days. and people just like getting on our nerves. maybe you can try talking with your best friends, and if they can't understand your feelings and make a compromise that works with the both of you, i suggest you find new friends. people change, hey, that's a thing.

it could also be that you miss the old days. same actually. i'd love to kick back and play some minecraft for 7 hours straight.

some people just like to show off, and it's not our problem. they just want the world to know that they're great. or, you could just mute the group and ignore the messages. sometimes ignoring something makes a huge difference. you just can't change people, y'know?

in the end, it's your choice to make, good luck

i hope you have a good day! :D and don't worry!