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TW: Selfharming

Dear past me, I miss you.

I miss your honest smiles, that you never had to fake. How happy and optimistic you were. I wish I could go back to being happily inocent, the world is crap, and I don't wanna live anymore.

I don't remember the exact date you left, but I remember it was a cold night, I was crying and couldn't help it anymore, I took the blade out of a pencil-sharpener and pressed it down my skin, letting out not only pain and blood, but also the mayority of you, of the person I was. I was desperate, and things haven't really improved since then. Therapy was useless, and I'm only 7 month clean. I'ts really hard to go on, the bit of you that still remains is often beaten by depression, and those times are the worst. Mom and dad know nothing, and it's better that way.

Dear past me, I miss you, please come back to stay.


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