TW: Starvation

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since i know myself, i was always chubby (not too much, just a little), and i wouldnt even care how i looked, untill i started going to school. every girl in my grade was very skinny, i was the only "chubby" one. but still then i wouldnt see a problem, until i started getting bullied. i was bullied that all i do is eat, nobody loves me, nobody will love me, and all that stuff. and since im very sensitive i would cry, not at home or anywhere else but in school bathroom. then it all stopped when i came in 4th grade. but then, again, it started, when i started in my 5th grade (i was 10). my chubbyiness was less visible, my dad got a new job in our local supermarket, so for school lunch, he would always buy me some little donuts. i started eating them almost every school day. everything was fine. then halloween came. our school would always make a competition for costumes and i got ready. i went to the school party, everything was fine until i came home. DID YOU SEE THE VIDEOS my bsf asked me over messages. i asked her what videos. she told me that 2 girls from my class made videos on their tiktok accs abt me. they showed middle fingers and in the caption they wrote that these videos are for the girl that only eats donuts, and who guesses who it is would get a shoutot. everyone wrote my name and surname "cause who other could it be?" i was disgusted, but still i didnt want to tell that to my mom cause i knew that i would end up a pussy so i stayed quiet. later that night my mom went to store to buy some stuff. but when she came home she was so angry she didnt even take the jacked off or let the groceries on the floor but she told me to show her the video, i was confused cause i didnt tell her anything about that. it ended up that my bsfs mom and my mom saw eachother at the store and her mom told mine about the current situation. it went on for few day but my mom solved the situation. but still i had some issues. afer that happended everyone looked at me weirdly, and i thought that they were looking at how fat i was (it was because they fekt guility of bullying me). so i started starving myself. my 10yo self started to starve and it went on for months. i wouldnt tell anyone, but at night i couldnt handle it anymore so i would get a breakdown and started eatin everything in the fridge. it went on for a few months and nobody knew, not even my parents, whenever someone could hear my stomach make noises i would just tell them that i just ate so thats why. then in february of the next year, i went to my cousins that i havent seen in a long time, they all told me that i look skinnier. and then i started to feel more confidence about myself. and because of that, i started eating again and since i was always the friend that laughs and smiles all the time, i started to laugh even more. now, i ended 7th grade and this year in january, for the first time in 2 years i ate a donut.i was hanging out with my new current bsf and we buyed 2 donuts. i ate one at first i didnt even notice that i just ate a donut after 2 years. but when i did and told that to my bsf, she asked me: "wait, u didnt eat a single donut since then?". i remembered that i didnt told her anything about starving myself. i just said that i meant for 2 days and she went with it. now i just turned 13, im about to start my year 8 and i went from chubby to normal, and the bitches that bullied me, gained weights, they are all boys so even if someone does tell them something negative about their body they would get away with it cause theyre in puberty or so they can look more manly. all of that trauma went just to look alittle skinnier. and now, the hoes that made the videos, whenever i say that im fat/chubby/etc they would be like "OMG NO WDYM? youre sooo pretty and skinny dont say that again 🥺🥺❤️ im wayyy fatter 😭" while they look like this I.I and then i was there like ) . (

all i want to say is DONT STARV YOURSELF TO LOOSE WEIGHTS its even worse than eating too much. and the look, body, confidence and shape will come by time

thats all from me, everyone is beautyful

~anymous <3