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tw suicide

i want to die someone please tell me a reason to live because i just cant think of one everything would be easier if i just went away please help me the only thing im scared of is death hurting and if i survive because then i would be known as the girl who tried to kill herself. i want to die because im bi and when another one of my friends came out as bi my bestfriends were making jokes about her behind her back so im worried they would do that to me if they found out i also have depression anxiety body dismorphia and ocd so it is so hard to just be normal and happy all the time so please give me reasons to live because im running out of them.

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Re: tw suicide

you cant let trump out live you

you need to fall in love

you need to make it out of school

those are things i tell myself when thinking of ending it. i hope this helps in some way ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

First of all if those “friends” don’t like the way you are, then they are not real friends. It will be a mistake to hide the real you, please do it before it’s to late. I have a bi friend and I love her no less, I think of her as the same person that I’ve know for the past six years. I have also thought of killing myself before, so I understand the struggle. It may not seem like it but things do get better over time. Please do not be a victim. Be a survivor. Remember that there are people who will miss you even though you might not think so, somewhere out there in the world your soulmate is waiting to meet you and if you’re gone they’ll be missing the part you will were suppose to fill. You have so much more to experience in life. If you still believe no one cares for you. Think of me as someone who is here righting you this to help you. I may not know you but if there was a list of people who care for you. sign me up!

I hope this helps you❤️