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Twin flame

Why is it that when i push you away, you want me, why can’t i just get you out of my head? I know the age difference causes both of us to be at different times of our lives, and i know its not going to work. But why is it that everytime i see you, i need to touch you and you need to touch me? Everytime you kiss me on my neck, i feel like i just want to continue touching you. It was so hard to push you away a few days ago. I don’t feel like this for anyone. First i thought that you are my twin flame, then i thought maybe i was just in love. But now that im thinking about it, we have a connection that I havent had with anyone before and probably never will. Its taking me a long time for me to get over you, but everytime i think about you, i want to come running to you so we can do more than just talking.