tw:self harm and abuse/rape

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he hurt me for years he made it feel like it was my fault he would hit me pin me down and do things i didnt want him to. he would block and unblock me for months on end he would tell me he loved me and i meant the world to him then rape me then block me i didnt tell anyone bc i thought i would get in trouble my parents not trust me some shit like that. he was older then me by 2 year i didnt care and that didnt seem like anything till i relized why would a 9th grader want a 7th grader i knew deep down he was using me i just needed to feel loved i needed someone to tell me how amazing i was or how good i looked some dumb thing. he wasnt the frist guy who hurt me and i know wont be the last my dad he hurt me emiotionly but phycicaly but he made me feel like i wasnt enough left for days left my mom after 25 years of mariage left my sister and i for a new younger wife w kids already im in 8th now