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U broke me

What hurts the most is when u regret all the good u have done to some people its sad that u have wasted your energy to please them where they didn't even give a fuck, i regret every moment i spent worrying about you everytime i called you to check if you were okay because you simply dont deserve it i should have spent that time looking after myself because that just left me broken. What is funny that i still care about you and what hurt me the most that we stopped talking is that i cant check up on you like wow idk what to say in fact you left me in pieces and u didn't even care and here i am crying my eyes out because i can't check on you anymore anyways you lost me i promise you, ull never find a girl that will care for you the way i do like imagine u left me when i needed you the most and all i can think about is YOUR problems and how your handling them...