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Spent 2 hours underneath my blanket, sitting on my bed, crying, rocking side to side, wishing I could sleep forever and counting 123,123,123...

just bc my mum got a tiny bit annoyed at me.

im 99% sure I have OCD and poss something else but only I know

my parents have no idea

i stayed there so long bc I hoped that my mum would come in and then I wouldn’t have to put off her finding out about my mental health for ages again

but of course she didn’t come in

so now I’m crying again Manx wishing I could just sleep forever

with ever waking up

without any dreams

without anyone to disturb me

Happy days

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a month ago

Re: Ughhhhhhhhhhh

A warm hug for you 🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗🤗😚🤗

Thank you for the hug I feel a bit better now 😊