uh guys i buried myself

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I was catfishing on a amongus chat app and im actually a female but i told em i was male, and i could pull off the hoodie hair thing with ease. well this girl wanted me to ad her on discord so i did and i show her the pictures of me in my hoodie hair lmao. she believed me and then just now i realized she joined the same server as me and we have roles on there and i put a girl on mine... idk if she saw or what but i blocked her and she seems inda intimidating to me so i pretended like i was a random person that logged into my discord and asked her if i knew her, she was offline but i blocked her after that. and um im scared she might call me out on the server. and also on face reveals, a couple days ago i put a picture of me up there and u can clearly see ima girl bc what boy wears crop top sweaters?? smh help meeeee