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Fuckkk its tooo irritating ahhhggggg i feep like screaming ahhgggggg damit why didn't i woke up earlier i thought everything would be okay well here i an sitting with a poker face while ranting here shit fuckkkk agghhhh only if i vould just die or disappear rn its too irritating just because of my laxyness just because of meee helll I hate my decisions that I'm lazy come on how can i he less lazy

Well what Just if i stop being lazy then atlest 99% oglf my problems would be gone so now that i know what i will do ehhh!!!???? Agh fuck first of all im not able to make stories in my mind and I'm sleeping all over again plus about sucks About my fucking height yo i love myself but cant help myself being sad that I got campared to some ugly ass jerks who doesn't even live my life. Thats that why I'm here thanks to the technology tho... okay I'm feeling good tho but gosh cant waut to come home and sleep again I feel like this is the just the way to tease me come on my life atleast give me some energy atleast ...plssssss Oh fuck y didnt I attended the meeting yesterday fick i hipe soma will not be there amd i hope she dosnt ask me about that Fuck you fuck my life fuck all you bastard who wants torant at mee!!!!!!! Jsyr go to hell yaaaalllll hmmmpphhhhh!!!! I'm angry....!!!