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Uhhh idk

I’ve never told a single soul about what I’m about to say. When I was younger, around the time I started pre-school I would play with my cousins a lot after school and on the weekends. One day I remember we were playing hide and seek and my older cousin asked me to hide with him so they wouldn’t find us. He took me to the bathroom and locked the door and had me get inside the bathtub. He sat down and had me sit on his lap and being the little boy I was I didn’t think anything of it cuz he was my cousin and more like a brother. I felt his hands going down into my pants and when I asked what he was doing he just ignored me and kept going. He said that no one would believe me if I told so I had to stay quite or else. He started to thrust his fingers into me and then whipped out his dick with his other hand and told me to put my mouth on it and make him feel good. I don’t remember anything after that but me begging him to stop cuz it hurt and him thrusting in and out of me. I was only 4 and he was 13 at the time. He had me sleep over almost everyday during summer and every weekend so he could get off. He told me he would do the same thing to my younger sister if I didn’t listen. He would kiss me and slide his tongue into my mouth and he would have me strip naked and get on top of him and start riding him. He would hold me under the blanket sometimes and hold me down while thrusting. No matter how much I cried, how much blood there was, how much I said I couldn’t go any further, he would keep pushing. I’m 13 now and haven’t seen him since I was 9. I know if I am to tell my parents they wouldn’t believe me because of the “good man” act he puts up. Only I have seen him like that and I hope one day everyone will see him for he truly is. But now I’m the best me I can be or at least try to be. But I’m okay now that we’re gone and I have a lot of friends so I guess I’m good.