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unabashed love

i want to fall in love. pure, limitless love. i want the type of love where your partner is completely in love and adores every cell of your being. where their love is physical and non-physical. where they watch you do every-day, seemingly normal tasks and think to themselves, "i am so lucky." i want someone to appreciate everything about me, minuscule and not, and i want to reciprocate those feelings. i want someone to watch me and admire the way my tongue pokes out the side of my mouth when i'm a little too deep in thought. i want someone to watch me laugh, full-belly laugh, and admire the way my eyes glimmer when i'm basking in the company of the people i love. i want someone to be able to see past the facade that is my immediate physical features. i want someone to fall in love with me and be sure that no one else will suffice; that i am the only one for them. i want to have someone who i can say these things about. i want to admire someone, while at the same time have someone admire me. similar to that state of mind when you return home from a long day with your friends. as you lay your head down on your pillow, you reminisce the day's highlights and think of how astronomically grateful you are to cherish these moments. that state of mind where you can feel the love pouring out of your heart. i know i have so much genuine love to give. i wish i could find someone who would give their all to me unabashedly. i find myself sitting here, longing for this type of love, and only now have i realized i first need to fall in love with myself in this way before i can allow someone else to fall in love with me. i have a feeling this is going to be the start of a very long journey.