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Uncle Si

If you want to see people a lot like me. Watch “Duke Dynasty”. I’d be like a bigger more muscular Jeb as far as how I act. My kids said that. If I messed with them they’d say your acting like Uncle Si.

That’s not really much like me. Im from the mountains. That’s a swamp. I’m from a colder region. I’m a cowboy. But I get it. At the time I was wearing my winter head covering like Jeb. Had on camo. Long hair. Thick long beard & mustache. Only blond.

But I look like Thor. But it was funny.

I have been to Louisiana. In summers men found work in Florida & stuff. I’d spend my summers in the ocean. One yr I did spend quite a bit of time in the swamp. I’ve been since. They liked to hunt different places & things. I was a hunter too.

In Duck Dynasty the das bites the head off a snake once. My kids freaked & laughed. They’d seen me do that. Never do that. Especially to a poisonous one.

Where we lived there were a lot of poisonous snakes. I had to teach them. Up in these mountains too. Although it’s getting too cold.

If you are on a horse in the mountains; & it sees a snake, it can get interesting. I’ve shot the head off a snake from horseback. If you just shoot the head; you can eat the body & make a hat band out of the skin. Never touch the fang area. Even dead they can poison & kill you. I’d dig a hole & kick the head in.