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Uncontrollable sexual desire

I am a young gay man and have a partner of several years but lately we are not connecting on a sexual level everything else is just fine.

He does not look for me and I don’t look for him so I have sex with others and sometimes I am never satisfied, just last week there was an endless parade of men coming in and out of my place all night and still I was left unsatisfied

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Re: Uncontrollable sexual desire

I’m straight. I’m a sex machine. Women would pass out on me. It takes me at least two hrs to cum during sex. My thing is over 10 inches so I wear women out. Have actually hurt women.

Even worse. I must masturbate 3-5 times a day to avoid constant erection. I look like Thor. I look 30 but am in 50’s. Hot women endlessly ask me out. Mostly college aged women. Drove my wife of 35 years nuts so she divorced me. I never cheated. Both she & I still won’t date others. I can’t ejaculate unless I think of her. Looking at porn won’t work. She’s got health issues so she can never have sex again. Another reason she divorced me. We’re best friends.

So I must think of her & masturbate a lot to avoid a giant endless erection. Can’t hide something fat that doesn’t bend & goes above your belly button.

Sorry to talk about straight stuff. But I’ve never had a gay thought. However; I try to treat gay people the same as everyone else. So hopefully hearing about a one woman man isn’t weird for you.

God Bless

To the first person who responded...dude you literally just posted a reply to talk about yourself and your dick? smh ...you could have made your own post for that lol

to the poster:This may sound strange because you are a gay male but if being with men isnt satisfying you...maybe just experiment and try fooling around with a woman?just a thought..or maybe look up some different things to try in the bedroom with your boyfriend