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You do not align yourself to world of fairytales 

Not too bitter nor too sweet, 

At the end of the day you end up being failed. 

Crowds throwing remarkable bait

But you fought through your shield thy faith. 

The light starts to dark as the night starts to get cold 

Everything around you starts to get fold. 

The moment you start to walk away he just bump to your side 

You look into him as a stranger from the other street while he sees you as his bride. 

He started to love your flaws and your pain 

And even joining you to stay under silence of the rain. 

He was made by the name of affection 
A confess sinner, and squeeze you as his sweetest addiction. 
Hideous dreamy-eyes, you knew he’s a prince charming 
Falling days he was a slave of his trust issues keep aligning
He’d showed his affection through his addiction of yours 
Its not what you wanted, 
Though he keep on showing on this mysterious colors. 

At the end of night you start to say goodnight

Without your confirmation he’d holding your soul so tight. 

Through his arms you’d knew that obsession is part of his love 

You will never get the happy end if you do not accept his over-love. 

But he was the only one who’d lift you,

Will you let it grow and let it go?