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I commited a terrible mistake. i feel so guilty and bad.

I cheated on our online quiz and today my teacher called me to answer a question,

then he announced that i was the top student who scored the highest in that quiz.

He said that "I don't really know how you did that!" and "it's hard to say anything."

Then he laughed it off in a sarcastic manner... Should I confess it?

I am afraid that i'll be expeled and won't get into college. I need it for my future to help my family.

I am ashamed of myself and I don't want my family or friends to know

what i've done. help me pls

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Don’t confess. Just don’t do again.

Honestly as an adult you’ll realize most public teachers are lazy clowns. Same in college. Most seek out teaching cause it’s easy. I have 7 degrees. I used to goto training for teachers to teach special needs kids. The teachers would laugh; talk; screw off. I confronted the classroom of over 40 teachers once. They said we were only there to get a raise. Who cares about the class. That’s most of our teachers.

Most of them will also give kids lower grades if they don’t like their religion; politics; etc.