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Some kid in school said a bunch of curse words at my friend, so I stuck up for him and told the teacher. Guess what? The teacher didn't believe either me or my friend, and the kid got away. The teacher didn't even let me finish my sentence. What a jerk. Here's the thing: Life is unfair, and there's nothing you can do about it.


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Re: Unfair

Some kids have hard life’s. One of my sons friends was always in trouble. Had no dad. His mom a junkie. I’d see that boy wandering the streets at night since 4th grade. The school refused to punish section 8 but slammed that kid. Sent him to alternative school; but bused in the bangers to beat up our kids.

I tried to look out for that boy; but the mom would yell at me & my wife.

That poor boy. He used to run up to me just to talk to me. I really wanted to help. Breaks your heart.

I hate that he cussed. I’m not defending any attacks he may do. I’m saying it gets complicated.

My son & his friends tried to protect other kids. So they made up an excuse to expelled them all. I saved my son. Other boys got hammered.

It’s sad we live in a society where our teachers let the gay; disabled, & other kids be abused. Let the section 8 kids get a free pass. But slam the good kids who try to help.

What’s funny. Theme everyone acts surprised when the section 8 kids end up in prison.