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Unfair life(?)

Why do we as humans still rarely humanize other people? If there are people who fail, most people will compare with those who are successful. "He didn't f up, why did you?". It was as if this world was just about competition. Just a place to maintain dignity and put your name on it. People have different mindset. If they are constantly being compared, chances are: they get very gloomy and quit, or they stay and improve. It's not like failure is the worst thing in the world anyway. Majority of people fail a lot more than they succeed. The thing is, people mentality are very different. We don't know their backstory, there might be something that really distract them from achieving their goals and if we were on their shoes, I bet we also get fucked up. People need to appreciate one's effort more.

Sometimes my friends and I talk about how unfair this life is. I mean, it is in fact never was, and will never be fair so we should be the one who needs to get used to it right? But, when the universe was so extremely kind to us, we often forget to be grateful. I think that is very true. I always try to view life in an idealistic way yet always end up being a realistic. And that sometimes put me in trouble because I am being ungrateful. If you know me in person, there's always a pessimistic tone that coming out from my mouth. I often think about the worst possibility that could be happening and what should I do if I fall into that hole. At some point it is good for me because I am prepared, but in the other hand i subconsciously manifested wrong things to happen. I just realised this yesterday from one of my article's reply lmao(thanks to Julia).

I honestly have no idea why I wrote this, but I would very appreciate it if you guys give your opinion (especially if you are older) because my 16 yrs old self is still lost. Thank you:)