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uni and brown parents

having brown parents is difficult, every brown girl will know that. there's the sneaking out, lying about where you are, changing in cars, lying about drinking and all. and yet i would still say my parents are more liberal, i was never given a curfew, allowed to go out with guys as friends, drive around late, allowed to smoke. yet when it came to uni i was eager to go to the uk, so prior to applying i asked them if they would let me go and they said yea. i applied, i got in, and that too to good unis ual kings ucl type unis and they switched. it went from yes to no, and first it didnt bother me it didnt annoy me that much because i guess deep down i knew that they wouldn't let me go. but the more I think of it the more I realize that im really about to miss out on living a full life, I'll never have gone to uni properly abroad never made friends that never partied that way while all my other friends will be doing that. while im the smart one the one who was sure to shine somewhere, the one who actually got in but just won't be going. that's the thing with brown parents, they snatch they snatch things from you but this remains specific to brown girls because it just so happens my brother went, he went for sixth form, for college and he chose to return early cause he wasn't happy, they let him in with open arms. he still hasn't graduated said he would but hasn't, somehow he got a new car in this mix, im not sure why but he did. but what did I get, a laugh a like chortle when I said I thought I could go to the uk. somehow they've managed to cut my life short with such ease, and since I've done everything already ive rebelled I've had my fun, now im about to leave, somehow or the other just leave, or rebel to the point im no longer their daughter. I was the smart one, the one who could have actually achieved something in this life, made my family name into something and they took that away from me, so now i'll ruin their lives turn into someone close to illiterate because I know how much it';ll sting them