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Unknown Feeling

Have you ever feel that longing in your heart? Never have I ever fall in love towards someone but I don't know why everytime I sit alone on my bed, I cry like I just went through a heartbreak. I'm so confused. I literally tear up and I can feel this ache in my heart. Sometimes I thought maybe I have this connection to a someone or maybe in my past life, I went through a destructive heartbreak or maybe, I am just experiencing some mental problem. There is no certain person inside my head. No figure of a person, an image. Just this emotion, feeling that I don't understand.

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Re: Unknown Feeling

Hello. I, myself, also had gone through the same thing. I never had a real childhood neither a proper adolescence. I was depressed, suicidal, and just psychotic all throughout these periods of my life. I don't know whether there was an actual cause or I was just really ill. But, I am 20 now and I am actually all better now. I mean there are still dark days but I am better at managing them now. We may not have the same faith, but, personally my faith in Jesus Christ has saved me. He has shown me light that helped me to become wiser and more rational. It is a tough life, indeed, but I know that you can conquer it all. I also believe in Einstein's Law of Attraction. The dark days were very addicting and comfortable. Thus, I woke up everyday believing that it is just another dark days. But, then, another day came and I started to change. I anticipated growth, healing, wisdom, and rationality. And thank God, things has changed for the better. Don't give up. Keep thriving. One day, you will be able to obtain that life, peace, and light.