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I am 33 years old and I have not been in a relationship. I do not know why but people do not seem to like me. There’s no one that tried to get to know me, to date me, to be in a relationship with me. I am not the best looking but I am not ugly as well. Maybe it’s my personality but my friends and all new people i meet tells me I am a good person. Maybe I am just not lucky in that as aspect. I have a stable job. I am outgoing but at the same time do not mind being at home. I used to not mind it but as you get older, you feel lonelier as time goes by. You check on your phone and nobody has even message you for 24 hours. I just want someone to care for me the way I care for them, ask me if I have eaten, ask me if I have had a good day, etc. At this point, I do not know already. Does anyone have the same experience as I do? Thanks for reading this. I just need a rant.