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Unloved and no family

Im 19 and have a 2 Yr old daughter with my boyfriend, and that's the only reason I'm still with him. I was raised on Foster care for most of my life, so I don't really have family to fall back on. There was a time before I had my daughter when me and him had a strong relationship, it's not like that anymore. He became physically abusive toward but that has stopped, now he shows constant disrespect towards me, such as calling me names for not knowing somthing or not understanding somthing or even if I don't share the same beliefs as him. We are always arguing about the way he talks to me and when his family has hurt me and said hurtful things towards me, such as the time I told them that he has been physically hurting me and they've accused me of lieing, he tells me I should apologise to them, he's never defended me and always taken their side even after admitting to me that he's at fault. He's really cold hearted now and whenever I express to him how somthing is upsetting me, he brushes it off and says he doesn't care, he still claims to love me which I find hard to belive. Me and my daughter do not feel like we are family to him since we are treated differently compared to his family (like his mum, grandma and brothers) he would go out of his ways to make sure his family is OK, but I'd have to pester him if I needed his help with somthing, most of the time I feel like me and my daughter is a burden to him. He's never romantic with me anymore, he says he finds romantic gestures silly, and I'm always jealous when I see other couples together and happy. I feel like I can't leave him because me and my daughter rely on him alot. I think I'm gona be like this for the rest of my life.

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Re: Unloved and no family

Oh dear 😥..well I won't pity you. Instead I want you to become a strong woman! Tbh that man of yours doesn't deserve you and your daughter...you deserve BETTER! But right now what you should do is...go to college, get some degree or start working on your career and become self-reliant. But you need to be with him till the time you get self-dependant. Once you start earning well yourself, you and your daughter leave him forever! Though..you can't let him go that easily. Men like him need to be taught a lesson!! Once you get Self-dependant and start earning...you should divorce him OFFICIALLY. And as the father of the child, he'll have to do his duties (like paying for the child and all). No one deserves to be treated the way you are being 😥. But be strong girl! Focus on your career and take good care of your daughter to make her a strong woman!

It might be cloudy now..but it won't rain forever!!

Ay god bless you and your daughter..and I hope you find true love soon! All the best!!

Girl noooo :( that man is just an abusive controlling little bitch. He won’t get better, he won’t change so don’t let him tell you other wise. He doesn’t love you, he just loves the fact that he can disrespect you without any consequences. No man should disrespect the woman that brought his child into the world. Don’t have your daughter growing up thinking that’s normal. You’re a strong girl, keep telling yourself that. You’re just at a tough situation in life. Unpleasant but bearable, your little girl should be the reason as to why you should work hard on leaving him. Start putting some money back every once in a while until you have enough to help you get an apartment or something :( it’s odd how his family does that but it doesn’t surprise me. Not a good environment for your daughter. Shame on them :(( I just re-read the ending of what you said. You don’t rely on him if anything I bet he’s making you feel that way. I don’t know a better way of wording any of this. Kinda seems hostile I’m sorry :(