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Unreciprocated friendship

so I have this best friend and we’ve been super close since sixth grade and she lives really far away now but we still close and we talk constantly, except she calls me all the time to talk about her issues or things that happened to her. Which is fine because I love her and I want to be here for her but I feel like she only talks to me when she wants to vent, and like I always answer her calls and if I can’t I’ll text her and I’ll literally wake up at 3am to answer her or stop whatever I’m doing to help her but anytime I’m having a rough day she’s never there for me and even if I’m asking for support she kind of pushes it aside until she says she has to go and can end the conversation.

And I love her and I know that she cares about me and whatnot but I can’t help but feel that she kind of uses me as someone to vent all her problems to because she knows I’ll always listen, and that in and of itself doesn’t bother me but I just can’t help but notice how it’s never reciprocated

But like I’ll never call her out on it or anything because she’s one of the only friends I have, but she doesn’t need me and I can be replaced and I don’t want to lose her over that so I just keep letting it happen but it makes me feel really sad and alone