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Unrevealed Thoughts

The strong remembrance in the heart is not that easy to let you go. It's not that I completely forgot whatever it was there before our pure relationship got terminated formally. It just ended, not dead.

When the miser heart is bordered around by the outburst of prestige, trust, undue influence, sympathy of the senior members in the family, the sole soul has no courage to defend for itself. It cried tears to punish its weakness for not being able to withstand those external influences. It waited for your calls, especially you, your panickiness, your fear of losing that precious soul of your life. Whatever, your tears were only there it could feel in itself. With the hope of postponement of an important event in its life, it was sad for making its life partner the person it had never known, had never had feelings for, had never loved, instead of the person who is the most important in its life, loved the most, cared for truly.

Isn't that strange that you have the right to choose your partner, but not given the right for the same? What is to do with your life by them? Your life is to be dealt with by you alone, not by them. Others don't make their presence in your ups and downs. So, why live a life that they lead us to, put us into? Why to fake a smile for the sake of others' prestige, instead of your own happiness?

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Re: Unrevealed Thoughts

Yup you're right.

Me neither. I don't have the right to choose my partner either. Don't worry you're not the only one here.

I also had to end my relationship just for the sake of the elderly and the society I live in. My parents consider it to their respect, my actions.So then imagine I couldn't be seen out with a guy alone. Life sucks. You have to give up love sometimes. But you'll always have that special place for them.

And about smiling for others. Seems like we are in a society that is built in living for others

It is all that the society says what to do and what not to do and our parents do whatever exists in the society. Sometimes they don't have as much right over their children as their brothers have over their nephew/niece. And it's all about wealthy possession. The decision of their uncle would be final and the girl, who is all dead from inside, has to follow their decision for the sake of their reputation.