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Hello all. I am a young guy , married . Under 30 yrs. I have been a normal guy, never had multiple relationships at the same time or had flings. I don't drink or smoke, nor flirt with girls and have one night stands. I have been waiting and saving myself for my wife . I have fallen in love with my current wife during our post graduation . We got married. And we never had any sexual encounters during our time being unmarried.we just kissed. We we're saving ourself for marriage and after marriage , it seems that my wife is not interested in sex as much as I do. She likes me lending her a HAND, but she's too afraid for having sex. I can't force myself onto her. And I am still a virgin even after an year and half of my marriage. While this is one problem, I started developing feelings and urges and I feel like cheating. I kind of want to have a fling with her friend and also one of my colleague at work. I normally don't want to, but I know my sexual life is screwed as my wife would never be able to satisfy me. At this moment , I don't know if I should just start having flings and keep her happy or just force her into what I want. But I don't want to force her at any cost. I am confused and doubtful. Please share your thoughts on my situation.