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I wish someday, we'll cross paths. Even if there might be a small chance, I want to meet you. Your words make my heart flutter. Your sweetness, kindness, patience. I couldn't bring myself to tell you this. That I have this feeling I do not know. Where whenever you talk to me, my heart calls out for you. My heart tells me but I couldn't tell you. I love you. I love you, even if we're miles apart. Even if we're not in the same country. Even if we just met in a game. You made me have a purpose. Hope. You made me wait for you everyday just so I can talk to you. Just the two of us. You suddenly walked in my life and made it bright, even if you have this heavy weight on your chest. I just couldn't tell you, but I love you. I'm afraid to tell you because it might ruin our friendship. Because you might not talk to me anymore. Because you might feel awkward. But I'm here to say that I will always be the one who really cares for you. Don't tell me again that no one cares for you. I'm always here for you. I won't force you but I can't deny my feelings either. Someday, I have to tell you. And I won't regret it.

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